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StoreGene’s Genome Wide Intelligence (G-WIS) platform provides you with personalised insights from whole genome data to discuss with your clinician over a range of diseases.

StoreGene’s Genome-Wide Intelligence System (G-WIS) enables you, with your clinician, to access personalised healthcare that is tailored to you. We do this by analysing your genome.

The human genome is made up of ~20,000 genes, and is passed down from parent to child. Your genome is your body’s manual for how to function and genes are made up of four letters (A, C, T and G), which are repeated over 3 billion times called the genome sequence. It is the variation in this sequence which helps researchers understand the differences and your clinician to personalise treatment.

Leading researchers upload templates which and, with your consent, your clinician can apply to your genome data. This provides an ever growing number of insights for diagnosis, your risk of developing a condition and your possibility of side-effects to certain medications.

Our process has patients in mind, making sure it is safe, simple and secure:


Whether you are managing an existing genetic condition or looking to understand your risk, ask your doctor or get in touch via the Contact Us page.

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We Collect Consent

We aim to keep you informed every step of the way, to start the process we will collect a consent form to sequence and store your genome.

Test or upload

StoreGene provides  saliva collection kits which are designed with your ease and comfort in mind. For those who already have whole genome data you can upload it straight to G-WIS.

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Sequenced. Stored. Managed.

The saliva sample is sent to an ISO-accredited laboratory in the UK and whole genome sequence data is available on StoreGene’s G-WIS platform in less than 4 weeks. You and your clinician can now manage your genome data to access personalised reports which are unique to your genome.

Further Testing

Now that you have your sequenced genome, you and your clinician can now access a growing library of reports across Cardiology, Oncology, Neurology and medication response.

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No Decision Without You

Before ordering a test or running a template, your doctor will ask for your consent. Ask any questions you may have along the way (as this can be quite complex stuff!) – your clinician can offer insight and support every step of the way.

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